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We have recognized the need for increased personal safety and well being and designed quality PPE products at competitive lead times and prices!





All signs made from high quality, long lasting plastic

Clear and visible

Easy to fit


Foot Operated Sanitizer Dispenser

  • Foot operated mechanism to avoid any contact
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Easily refillable
  • Mobile for use in any location

Hand Sanitizer:

  • SANAS Approved sanitizer
  • Safe to use on the hands, working surfaces and misting booths
  • Non flammable

Sanitizing Booth V1:

  • Biodegradable
  • 100 % Customizable
  • Double Spray line
  • 40mm Insulated panels
  • Censored start stop system
  • Non slip floors
  • Exterior panels can be branded with your company name/logo

Sanitizing Booth V2:

  • Plug and play system
  • Non slip fibre glass grating
  • 260 litre tank
  • Motion sensored start stop mechanism
  • 18 spray nozzles
  • SANAS approved booth sanitizer


Face Shields:

  • Provides a barrier for the eyes nose and mouth
  • Can be flat packed and is easy to assemble and adjust
  • All materials comply to FDA standards

Face masks:

  • Double layer
  • Variety of mask styles
  • Cloth and disposable options available
  • Personalised branding available

Infrared Thermometer:

  • Accuracy at +- 0.3 degrees Celsius
  • Response time 500ms
  • Non-Contact operation up to 10cm distance
  • High temperature sound alarm

Perspex Protection Screens:

  • Dimensions > 600mm x 600mm
  • 100mm base gap for movement of card machines or products/ paperwork
  • Easy to assemble
  • Custom sizes available

Large Protective Screen Frame:

  • Choice between 6 and 8mm toughened glass
  • Dimensions - 780mm x 900mm
  • 150mm base gap
  • Securely mounted stanchions (can be used as a security purpose too)
  • Hardware sold separately

Small Protective Screen:

  • Dimensions - 750mm x 530mm
  • 6 or 8mm toughened glass
  • 30mm document gap
  • Hardware sold separately